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The Becht Family Charitable Trust (BFCT)



Objective of the Trust

The objective of the Becht Family Charitable Trust (BFCT) is to sponsor and support activities in the areas of Biodiversity, Humanitarian Aid and Education.


With the increasing negative impacts of Mankind on the Earth’s Natural Environment, the current and future health and prosperity of many people around the world is under very serious threat. As a result, the Becht Family Charitable Trust is planning to allocate the largest part of its annual donations to preserving and restoring Biodiversity.


With respect to Humanitarian Aid, the BFCT’s focus is on the young and disadvantaged. Here the Charitable Trust has a track record of both supporting Emergency Help in the case of Environmental Disasters as well as efforts to structurally help children with medical, educational or other programs both in developing and developed countries. Our Grants Awarded page  has a list of historically supported organizations and activities.


Regarding Education, other than providing baseline support to a few institutions, the BFCT will increasingly focus on education around its Biodiversity and Humanitarian Support Programs.


Finally, the BFCT has and will continue to allocate a small portion of its budget to the same local support programs in the UK, USA and elsewhere, which it has supported for many years, a list of which is provided on our Grants Awarded Page. While there might be an occasional change, it is very unlikely this area will get materially expanded in the future in terms of new causes or budget.


Applying for Grants from the BFCT

When looking at applications for grants or support we look at the following factors. Is the grant for activities which are in the three focal areas outlined above? Is the asking organization a high-performance organization willing and able to discuss and set performance KPIs for the activities they would like the BFCT to support. For perspective, we are not really interested in cost ratios provided they are within reasonable limits. Net, it is all about delivering outcomes in the areas of focus of the Charitable Trust. If you strongly believe your organization can deliver on the above, please do apply using our grant application form.